I’m Famous!

In that Billy the Kid movie starring Emilio Estevez (I forgot the title), the Billy character, a media-savvy fellow who sought fame and fortune by robbing banks and killing people, would recite the line “I’ll make you famous” before shooting or killing somebody.

I thought about this movie when I saw Manolo Quezon’s year-old blog entry greeting bloggers a Merry Christmas. Thanks to google for that. I was included among the “cluster of ‘progressive’ bloggers”, along with that of Ina, Mong, ma’m Sarah, and other two I do not recognize. This blog was again mentioned fairly recently, this time in an entry regarding the egg-pelting incident in UP involving student activists and Esperon.

I actually do not mind being branded “national democrat”, and consider being called “anti-establishment” a compliment. Some of the more wary people that Quezon considers belonging to the abovementioned categories, though, would take this branding as threatening, like when Manolo called Ina his “favorite communist writer” or something. Understandably, some concerned friends of Ina compared the branding to a “death threat” in the light of the political killings of those perceived to be communists or communist-supporters.

Thus the allusion to the Billy the Kid film. By way of a blog entry, a link, Manolo, the famous blogger and the eXplainer himself, made me a little more famous as a “national democrat”, a category most journalists understandably shun. (In journ schools, they taught us neutrality, to “not side”. Some media organizations, meanwhile, even forbid their journalists from joining any organization, much more a political, “progressive” one) But in doing so, he has put me among the ranks of those being openly targetted by government death squads. Journalist na, aktibista pa. Combination of two most dangerous professions in the country today.

I actually like being in those categories.


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