Progressive politics

Ibang Level Na ‘To

The party-list system, which crooks like Jose De Venecia wants abolished via Charter Change, is such a great thing it is virtually an anomaly in our otherwise elite-dominated political system.

Bayan Muna, the most maligned, harassed, and ridiculed opposition political party in our time, has again topped the survey. And not just topped it, the party left many others biting the dust a hundred times over. With a whopping 28% of the more-or-less 45 million voters preferring it, Bayan Muna could have 14 representatives in Congress if not for the party-list law provision limiting a party to a maximum of three seats.

If my math serves me right, a 28% of the roughly 26.1 million (or 58% of 45 M registered voters) translates to over 7 million voters.

7 MILLION VOTERS. That’s more than enough to even get a seat for the Senate.


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