Human Rights

Abu Ghraib of UP fraternities

Just received an email from Alaysa Escandor, current features editor of the Philippine Collegian, containing a link to these photos. The anonymous author of these series of photos claims that these are shots of an initiation rite of one of UP Diliman’s oldest fraternities. First of the series, entitled “mild pa to”, shows a man’s swollen and bruised legs, evidently due to hazing. Another shows some “seniors” taking a swing at apparent neophytes. Another shows a supposed neophyte poking his own nostrils with a pair of scissors (or tongs, it is not clear). A photo, entitled “blindfolded”, shows the date “01/01/2002” at the lower right side, suggesting that the event happened on January 1, 2002. Either that or the date settings for the digital camera were restarted and not set correctly.

The photos look real enough to me, and should be investigated by university authorities.I do not know, though, if hazing can ever be banned in fraternities. After all, UP’s greek-lettered societies claim among its members some of the most powerful people in the country. What I do know is that these photos pretty much look like that of kids being introduced into a culture that bred atrocities like Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, and, well, the Holocaust and Martial Law.

Here again is the link to these photos:

Former Collegian editor-in-chief Karl Castro has photos of a hazing implement used by a UP fraternity (the same frat the anonymous photographer mentions as the one doing the hazing in the photos):


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