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Search is not over

Nanay Linda Cadapan texted me a couple of days ago. She said that based on initial investigation, the body exhumed from a grave in Labrador, Pangasinan PROBABLY may not be that of her daughter, the missing student activist Sherlyn Cadapan. The cadaver was initally found to to have dentures in the upper part of her teeth — something that Nanay Linda swears Sherlyn did not have.

When I was making her photo documentary for Projekt Desap, Nanay Linda told me that just before her daughter had been abducted she offered to pay for dental work to have Sherlyn’s teeth fixed (Sherlyn had a small gap right in the middle of her front teeth). Sherlyn refused. It was, Nanay Linda said, Sherlyn’s trademark look; it was how she was remembered by former classmates and teachers, aside of course from being reknowned as a sterling student athlete.

UP experts were set to do the DNA test, so it is still a little premature to say whether or not the cadaver is that of either Sherlyn or Karen. Until the forensic exam is complete, we can only wait and speculate.

Two things are certain, though: One, the woman whose cadaver was exhumed was a victim of abuse, and two, the search for Karen and Sherlyn continues.


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