Angel Locsin visits Payatas

At last! Here are some of the long-awaited photos of that surreal morning with Angel Locsin. As many may have surmised by now, I did not post these photos at the request of Angel’s friends who were preparing a surprise gathering of the kids of Payatas with Angel on April 20. The actress’ birthday is on the 23rd, but prior commitments compelled her to schedule her celebration in Payatas on the 20th. The gathering is supposed to be a surprise for the kids, who were informed that they were being invited to a children’s workshop. Let’s hope none of the Payatas kids read this blog, lest I inadvertently spoil their surprise.

Here is the video that came out in The Buzz in ABS-CBN-2. They used some of my footage. Unfortunately they failed to credit me for it.


7 thoughts on “Angel Locsin visits Payatas

  1. c3rtfidangelian says: proud of you!..! mabait na,maspiag At maganda pa..!isa kang huwarang babae!

    HAppy Birthday!
    we love you so much!

  2. krguda says:

    edzel, avvie, roter, 100percentcools and c3rtfidangelian:

    I gather you’re all angel locsin fans. I’m glad you enjoyed the pics. Thanks for visiting the blog!


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