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Burnt bones, yellow slippers, prayers

Ruth Cervantes of Karapatan texted this to the media yesterday:

Anthropologists yesterday found pieces of burnt human bones in the vicinity of the former 24th IBPA detachment in Bryg. Bliss in Limay, Bataan. Probers were led to the site yesterday by Manalo who was held incommunicado at the said army camp from Nov. 2006 to June 2007. Manalo said he was held captive with UP students Sherlyn Cadapan and Karen Empeño and he witnessed several extrajudicial killings in the said camp.

The bones were found at the site where Manalo said he saw farmer Manuel Merino burned by soldiers sometime in June 2007. Dr. Francisco Datar, head of the team of anthropology experts from UP said they are certain that the remains found were small pieces of human bones. These will be brought to the lab for further verification.

Today she texted this:

May nasunog na yellow slippers na nakita sa site. Manalo told Dr. Datar sa interview monday night na naalala niya seing Tay Manuel last wearing ganun tapos nangilabot lahat nang makita pa ang burnt slipper.

Against the backdrop of the sunset sa panoramic na lugar na yun ay nagprayer service, basbas at nagsindi ng mga kandila, nag-alay ng bulaklak. Overcome with grief c Raymond Manalo di na siya makapagsalita. Naging close na sila ni Tay Manuel. Si Fr. Diony nagbasbas at naglead prayers. C Marie Hilao Enriquez, in her prayer said we thank Lord for RM’s courage & strength & will of colleagues in undertaking paghahanap sa mga EID victims. Thanked Tay Manuel for leading us to find him and pledged to find others.


4 thoughts on “Burnt bones, yellow slippers, prayers

  1. human rights work is always a joy amid people’s pain. it cultivates the once’s inner self and relate to the past, present and dream of a brighter, hopeful and peaceful future. may the bones bring back memories of beautiful days with its surivivors as we grope in this times of darkness to continue our struggle for genuine peace and decent living.

  2. Karen says:

    And the other day, or was it two?, SC upholds an appelate court’s findings that Palparan’s participation in the abductions was established.

    Somehow, somehow, that doesn’t assuage the grief one feels for the missing ones, or the tortured ones, or the burned ones.

    Nor does it ease this fierce, cold anger one feels against them.

  3. louise says:

    hindi ba naaamoy ng mga sundalo ang sinusunog na katawan ng tao?

    wala talaga silang puso. panahon pa ni marcos ganyan na sila. hanggang ngayon, ganyan pa rin sila.


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