Sean Penn converses with Hugo, Raul

sean-pennI came across this article in The Nation of actor Sean Penn about the interviews he did with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Cuban President Raul Castro. It is an engaging read — and has some interesting new tsismis, like:

1. Chavez, if invited, would agree to visit US Pres.-elect Barack Obama;
2. The Venezuelan intelligence community has been tracking of a secret US plan to invade Venezuela;
3. Even a number of US conservatives from Milton Friedman to Colin Powell want the US trade embargo with Cuba to end;
4. Castro says Cuba is open for oil exploration by US companies — as long as it does not impinge upon their sovereignty
5. Even US security experts agree that Cuba is doing a good job in policing its territory against narco-traffickers;
6. Cuban and US officials have been in constant meetings regarding Guantanamo since 1993 (gasp!); and
7. Joe Biden could be a warmongering bigot.

Read the article:


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