The wise King Aragorn on Obama

viggoJoms and I read something extraordinary in the newspaper a few days ago. In time for the Obama inaugural, Pinoy Hollywood reporter Ruben Nepales came out with an article about what Hollywood actors thought about the new president.

Among the quotes mentioned was that of King Aragorn himself, Viggo Mortensen. Despite being fans of the Tolkien trilogy, we knew little of Viggo’s politics. Needless to say, we were so pleasantly surprised with his wit, humor and, of course, politics, in this quote:

“It’s important to not just have that happy-ending tendency. Now, we move on. What happened in the United States in the past eight years doesn’t just disappear. I am not just talking about the economy, which obviously is a problem.

“There’s a kind of assumption that because you have military and economic power, you have the right to unilaterally do things no matter what anybody thinks, which obviously was a big problem in the past eight years. It has created a lot of problems and damage. I hope my son, because he’s interested in history, is conscious of imperialistic behavior.

“Is Obama going to continue being fair? Is he going to think he can go bomb anybody in Pakistan, Iran or anywhere? Is he going to do certain kinds of economic terrorism in Bolivia, Venezuela, North Korea and Iran? The policies really need to change.

“I hope the debate stays afloat and does not get buried in talks about how Obama is a handsome, nice guy. He speaks well. Thank God we have a President who can actually put a sentence together.”

Thank God, too, for the wise King Aragorn!


6 thoughts on “The wise King Aragorn on Obama

  1. guiller says:

    ay ganun, hmm tingnan ko.pero post ko na rin kung maypagkakataon. may che part two na ako! pero di ko pa rin napapnood yung part one. bwahahhaha. 🙂

    • krguda says:

      hah! may subtitles ba? kasi nakakuha rin ako che part two, walang subtitles. masyadong mabilis para masundan ko gamit ang kakarampot na kaalaman sa espanyol. hehe.

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