Risa Hontiveros praised Zaldy Ampatuan for “supporting the cause of women”

Hontiveros TV ad

Here is something interesting that I dug up from the Philippine Information Agency website:

“In an interview with a local radio station here right after the SORA, (Akbayan Rep. Risa) Hontiveros praised (ARMM Gov. Zaldy) Ampatuan’s program of government and expressed approval of the ARMM Governor’s support to the cause of women.”

Supporting the cause of women!

Majority of the 57 victims of the massacre were women.

That was just two weeks ago.

Oh, and Loren Legarda also had kind words for Ampatuan. Hehe.

Here is the Press Release:

Ampatuan’s program of gov’t earns praise from known opposition figure

Koronadal City (11 November) — Opposition senator and vice presidential hopeful Senator Loren Legarda lauded Monday the socio-economic programs and highlights of accomplishments presented by Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) Governor Datu Zaldy Uy Ampatuan in his 5th State of the Region Address (SORA).

Legarda, a staunch advocate of environment protection and climate change, said she was impressed by the ARMM chief’s focus on the environment, peace and order, health and education, including the settlement of the problem of teachers in the region with the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS).

ARMM’s outstanding arrears of more than P1 billion with the GSIS about six years ago has been brought down to around P300 million as of lately through the interventions of Ampatuan and support of the Office of the President. Ampatuan said negotiations are currently ongoing to “finally write-off the remaining balance.”

“Hangang-hanga ako sa kanyang mga socio-economic programs (I’m really impressed with his [Ampatuan] socio-economic programs),” Legarda told reporters during a press conference shortly after the SORA.

The lady-senator also approved of the efforts of the regional government to address climate change and protect the environment.

Ampatuan said the region will make sustainable management and protection of the environment among its top priorities in response to the challenge of climate change and other emerging environmental threats.

Although a known critic of the administration, Legarda assured that ARMM constituents can count on her as an ally in the Senate in the fight against poverty and hunger. She said she would help the region, in her current capacity as Senator and if she ever succeeds in getting elected to higher office, get sufficient fundings to support programs and projects on education and health and sanitation.

She also vowed to help advance the Mindanao River Basin Development Plan.

Legarda was chair of the senate sub-committee which heard and approved the ARMM’s 2010 proposed budget in September of this year.

While Ampatuan is a keen supporter of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Regional Chairman of the Lakas-KAMPI-CMD, his SORA drew personalities both from the administration and the opposition bloc.

Aside from Legarda, another prominent opposition figure, Akbayan Party List Representative Risa Honiveros, also graced the 5th SORA.

In an interview with a local radio station here right after the SORA, Hontiveros praised Ampatuan’s program of government and expressed approval of the ARMM Governor’s support to the cause of women.

Both Legarda and Hontiveros, who have been openly critisizing the administration on a number of issues, are believed to be building up their chances to get elected to higher positions come 2010.

Ampatuan, however, stressed that he remains loyal to the administration and to the Lakas-KAMPI-CMD coalition.

“I will adhere to the consensus of the party and will strongly support its candidates in the upcoming 2010 elections. But any candidate, regardless of political affiliations, is free to campaign in the ARMM,” Ampatuan stressed. (bpi-armm/PIA 12)

Here is the link:


12 thoughts on “Risa Hontiveros praised Zaldy Ampatuan for “supporting the cause of women”

  1. The really disgusting thing of late had been watching, horrified, as the details of the massacre come to light, and then, not even a minute later, you are assaulted with the images of flashy, garishly-dressed politicians holding up their COCs. But then of course, it is the last day of the filing for their candidacies. So hey.

  2. krguda says:

    Karen, I agree. The Ampatuans, by the way, did not forget to file their COCs yesterday, despite the investigations and arrests.

  3. Here are some of her tweets on the issue

    will write PIA to correct the report. funny though that a govt-run mouthpiece is suddenly a credible news source. This is politicking.
    7:46 PM Nov 26th from mobile web
    2nd, that these were d achievements of d people of ARMM & 3rd, that the SORA shld be a call 2 action 2 achieve d goals of genuine autonomy
    7:34 PM Nov 26th from mobile web
    In post-SORA interviews, I said 3 things. 1st, that it was good that the SORA mntioned peace process, agri, women & children & ecology.
    7:30 PM Nov 26th from mobile web
    Did not praise Ampatuan after his State of the Region Address (SORA) earlier this month in Cotabato.

    so there.

  4. krguda says:

    Mr. Dimaandal, did my writeup say anything about PIA being a credible news source?

    This is not politicking, although it is about politics. It is a legitimate question after all, and indicates something about how Rep. Hontiveros conducts her politics. The question that should be answered, Mr. Dimaandal (no pun intended), is: Was Rep. Hontiveros asking for the support of ARMM Gov. Ampatuan in her run for the Senate, as suggested by the PIA press release? If not, what was she doing in Ampatuan’s SORA?

  5. noel says:

    hmmm… sora was conducted before the outburst of the maguindanao massacre. loren praised the man before the said controversy. of course, his projects are really laudable but after the expose of the alleged killings of a number of people, i dont think the opposition will still be proud of ampatuan

  6. krguda says:

    Hi Noel. I don’t think the Ampatuans’ projects are laudable in the first place. Even before the massacre, they had Maguindanao, even the entire Muslim Mindanao, under their grip. They were openly involved in assuring the election of Gloria Arroyo in 2004, and the administration candidates in 2007.

  7. very poor reporting. you need to cite dates, the interviewer if any, the context of the said speech and quote what she said verbatim.

    you are also trying to associate her with loren.

    and the HEHE doesnt help your credibility.

  8. wilson requez says:

    the link is still active. i still manage to read the article. i believe that this is a case of PIA misquoting rep. hontiveros. (that’s what the government does!) the article explicitly, however, quoted sen. legarda praising the ampatuans. nevertheless, it is also malicious in citing that sen.loren and rep.hontiveros did attended the SORA to court for votes. the two may have attended the SORA for official functions. insinuating that rep. hontiveros is seeking support from the ampatuan base on this news is absurd.

  9. krguda says:

    qwertsy, please read again. I said “two weeks ago” when I posted it on nov.26, 2009. and no, i’m not associating her with loren. being herself is bad enough. very poor reading.

    wilson requez, hontiveros never denied being with the ampatuans during that time. all she said was that she was misquoted — an excuse politicians normally use to elude responsibility from their previous statements — by the PIA.

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