So what if Cory Aquino gave Andal Ampatuan Sr. his first big break? Does the son get to carry the sin of the mother?

Cory in heaven. So what if President Corazon Aquino had something to do with the Ampatuans’ intial ascent to power? Must Noynoy suffer for Cory’s weaknesses?

The answer, of course, is no. The problem, however, is that Noynoy can no longer claim to be the reform candidate in the mold of his own mother, who failed miserably to introduce thoroughgoing, systemic reforms in the country — the kind that finally does away with patronage politics of the kind represented by the Ampatuans.

Read the Newsbreak article here.


6 thoughts on “So what if Cory Aquino gave Andal Ampatuan Sr. his first big break? Does the son get to carry the sin of the mother?

  1. Well. It’s articles like these that takes away, piece by piece, the romanticism many have clothed the former president with. I agree with you that individuals should be judged, well, individually. But in Philippine politics, the interest of the clans is first and foremost – and Noynoy, first and foremost, will represent the political and economic interests of his clan.

  2. Resnie says:

    The news article at newsbreak is really shocking. I remember my former professor that the Filipinos have put Cory on a pedestal…that she was seen as a star, someone that will bring light to the Filipino people after the Martial Law. Unfortunately, she failed to shine.
    There’s a more comprehensive history article (IS RP HISTORY TO REPEAT ITSELF?) that I just read. Here’s the link:
    I hope the people will be more informed and would open their eyes to see the truth.

  3. krguda says:

    Karen, you’re absolutely right. Politicians must be judged individually — their track record, their accomplishments, their past commitments. But they must not be judged solely on these. In fact, more often that not, the interests that they represent dictate their actions while in power. What his supporters say about Noynoy may be true — that he is kind, unassuming, compassionate — but is he strong enough to not be swayed by his class interests?

    Resnie, thanks for the link! People, specially middle class people, do tend to assign upon Cory many of their aspirations that Cory herself failed to live up to when she was president. They say Cory was incorruptible. But it was during her term that patronage politics thrived (remember Kamag-anak, Inc.). They say Cory was honest. But during the ’86 campaign, she promised to push for abrogation of the US Bases; she did the exact opposite of that when she was in power. Et cetera.

  4. And of course the Total War, euphemistically called Low Intensity Conflict. Marami pang pamilya ng pinatay at dinukot na mahal sa buhay ang pumupunta sa IHR day rally taon-taon.

  5. krguda says:


    Salamat sa komento. Hindi ako supporter ni Noynoy. Katunayan marami akong kuwestiyon na ibinabato hinggil sa kanyang pagtakbo, na nasa huling blog entry ko.

    Nevertheless, good luck sa iyong endeavor.

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