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Clench your fist! Be a communist! – Gen. Segovia

General Segovia of the Philippine Army says that the 43 health workers they detained (lawyers said, illegally) and tortured are communists because the latter clenched their fists before being presented to the Court of Appeals last Feb. 11.

Forget that the sign has, throughout history, come to universally mean defiance …against all odds: when an Army general says it signifies communism, we have to believe it, right? After all, soldiers only tell the truth, don’t they?

But let’s see who else clench and raise their fist. That way, we will know who the real enemies of the state are — these clench-fisted, immoral, godless lefties out to destroy society as we know it. Let us expose them all!

(Thanks to Allyn and Vencer Montes for the idea, and Karl Castro for supplying the other photos)

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This is the image that started it all for Segovia: the realization that, indeed, the 43 health workers are communist rebels. In this photo, Jane Balleta, amidst the intimidating presence of the soldiers and cops, clenches her fist in defiance, protest and also celebration. But to Segovia, this clinched it: She and the others are red, red, red. (Photo by Cris Balleta)

Tito Guingona

Former Vice President Tito Guingona, the elder statesman that he is, is indeed a communist -- he has raised that fist once too many. "Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!" He says everytime he raises that fist. Commie.

Michael Jackson

He was a weirdo, wore bright red (aha!), loved kids, talked about saving the environment. Yup, Michael Jackson was a communist.

UP Fighting Maroons

UP Fighting Maroons. Maroon, of course, is just another spelling for RED.

Piolo Pascual

Piolo Pascual. Even though we do not see the fist here, we know for sure he's raising it. He plays a communist guerrilla in Dekada '70. 'Nuf said.

1968 Olympics black athletes

Black athletes in 1968. These athletes' salute to black power during the 1968 Olympics proved once and for all that the communists infiltrated every aspect of American life. Long live McCarthyism!

Sister Stella L.

Vilma Santos. She's with the Liberal Party now, but Ate Vie raised that fist in some films (this one and Dekada '70), leading us to suspect her as a communist sympathizer. We're watching you, Ate Vi.

DLSU varsity teams

DLSU varsity. They may seem clueless, but do not let their demeanor fool you. These are hardened ideologues if we ever saw one.


Bono. We knew all along that his cursing the revolution in the Rattle and Hum album was just an act. Bono named his band after the American spy plane, U2, that crashed over North Vietnam during the Vietnam war. Did he -- like the Vietcong -- celebrate the crash landing of an American plane by naming his band "U2"?


Darna. Every time she raises her fist in primetime, an activist is recruited. She must be stopped. Plus, Darna was played by Angel Locsin, a known communist.

Journalists vs Ampatuan massacre

The journalists. Yes, they are all communists. Notice how they clenched their fists during a rally after the so-called massacre in Ampatuan? The picture here shows communist journalists with their fists in the air. Included in the picture is Philippine Daily Inquirer publisher Isagani Yambot. Inquirer, of course, is a known conduit for communist propaganda. (Photo by Ilang-Ilang Quijano)

Atty. Harry Roque

Atty. Harry Roque. Sure, he perspires a lot, but we all know he has been offering his services to communist sympathizers like the families of Ampatuan massacre victims, the Batasan 5, etc. (Arkibong Bayan)

UP Alumni

UP Alumni Association. These supposedly morally-upright citizens of the country once studied in that well-known hotbed of communist activity, the University of the Philippines. (Arkibong Bayan)

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela. Sure, he won the Nobel Peace Prize. But he fought against the Apartheid -- which is a good political system in South Africa. He must be a bad person.

Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao and most other boxers. Pacquiao once played an NPA in a film. He's also a member of the Army reserve corps -- may be as an infiltrator.

Jose Maria Sison book

Of course, Jose Maria Sison is a communist. He may be a prolific writer, progressive commentarist and the sharpest political analyst, but because he is a communist, he must be stopped.


Everyone who raise their fists to seek justice and fight for what is right.

And here are some of the results of an exhaustive investigation by Karl Castro — whose subversive name belies his absolute worship of capitalism and the status quo — in the internet:

Pussycat Dolls

One could suspect that the Pussycat Dolls' Jai Ho number may have something to do with the Naxalites of India.

Lady Gaga. According to Karl, Lady Gaga may have intended her song "Paparazzi" to originally have the following lyrics: "I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until... victory. Commie, co-co-commie!"

Kathy Perry

Karl Castro: "Katy Perry -- Pop Star or Red Star?"

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20 thoughts on “Clench your fist! Be a communist! – Gen. Segovia

    • Oohh Lala says:

      Sorry ka manong, pero ang Central Committee ng Communist Party of the Philippines ay nago-office sa DLSU-Manila (Sa Main ha hindi sa Benilde). Snap, snap, snap, girlfriend!

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  2. DJ says:

    Wahahaha! Ahlaveet!!!! Don’t forget about yellow on red of Darna’s costume. colors ng flag ng mga communist daw.

    @ Leon: Taas-kamao ako sa mga lasalistang nagtaas-kamao. Wahahahahahaha!!!! (oops! gotta go! They’re barging on my door na!) πŸ˜‰

  3. april says:

    kun sino ka man na nagsasabi nyan, nakakatawa.oo kalaban nga siguro ng state un mga cnsb mung leftist pero parang over ka naman sa description.pati artista? pinatulan mu pa? pati atleta? wahaha. ansakit sa tyan.pero saktong laugh trip. =)

  4. Arsie Almodiel says:

    ALL CHAOS THAT PEOPLE EXPERIENCED starts in deceptions and LIES. based on history lies leads to death without breaks. Some says ‘where is God?’ but the culture of lies seems kicked Him out supplanted by ‘father of lies.’ Absence of Him in man’s heart seems causing the evil of lies to be evident. Dualism is someone’s way to LIE and kill, if you are not this you must be that! to make easy of violating lives. Many isms served by lies led to violence and murder. Lies in religious claims is worsening the darkness, religious aspect in ‘manifest destiny’ is not excluded instrument of death. We don’t need to wait to be in the ruins of death to realize the vastness of wickedness by lies. Lies is darkness, to SERVE life is the TRUTH/WAY to go that leads to life. Truths (not by isms) by respect to life draws us back from our attachment to trapper of man’s isms to ask ‘what is that we like.’ Now this may lead us to worship something that sustains life, definitely not to the religion of dogmatist’s claim fanaticism, but the One Who is the Source of love, kindness, order and life. First tool is man’s heart to be the place of the Source. The spirit of Christianity is not religious dogmatism but LIFE. Love meant also reaction to the opposite of love and life. We promote life is the way to live.

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