About KR Guda

krgudaKenneth Roland A. Guda writes about politics and culture in the Philippines. He also takes pictures. He is a progressive/alternative journalist, muckraker, comforter of the afflicted and afflicter of the comforted, and film buff.

Bonfires Leaping seeks to chronicle and intervene in the tragedies and triumphs of our times. The phrase is lifted from a Neruda poem.


24 thoughts on “About KR Guda

  1. krguda says:

    Hi Tita Beth,

    Is this a way of reminding me about my wrinkles in my face? Hehe, just kidding. Thanks for the advance greeting!

  2. Great articles! You’re one hell of a writer…Very brave,too!May God protect you and cover you with Jesus’ most precious blood as you continue your quest for truth,freedom,justice and democracy.

  3. krguda says:

    Ah you mean the motime blog? Akin nga yun. Oo nga, matagal na yun na di updated. Balak kong i-migrate ang laman noon dito. Soon. Hehe.

  4. KM Fulloso says:

    Hi Mr Guda. Id just like to ask if you’re available and willing to be a speaker for our writer’s workshop. Our workshop will feature well known professionals in the field of journalism. Thanks a lot.

    • krguda says:

      Hi. Sorry was not able to reply to you promptly. Anyway, in the future, you may contact me through Facebook. Thanks and apologies.

  5. Frank Mangulabnan says:

    Kenneth, kia ora! Kailan inilathala sa PinoyWeekly ang “Hasik ng Lagim ni Gloria sa Pampanga” na nasa Bonfires Leaping https://krguda.wordpress.com? Ako si Frank Mangulabnan na tinutukoy sa nasabing balita-artikulo. Gusto ko lang malaman ang petsa ng pagkakalathala nito sa PinoyWeekly upang aking mai-share sa ibang mga kasama, kaibigan at kaanak. Maraming salamat sa iyong artikulo na nangyari sa aming baryo. -fm201210122132nz

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